Scottish Claims

One of The Hub’s biggest success stories to date is Scottish Claims and it’s sister brand Northern Ireland Claims, who assist consumers to reclaim mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

During the period between 2011 and 2015 we generated in excess of £30m through the exclusive use of PPC and Organic search. No unethical tactics were employed such as outbound sales calls or email marketing, just pure online marketing.

What we did:
Entering into a overcrowded and overheated market was indeed a tall order particularly when many of their competitors had significant budgets for Radio, TV in addition to their own online marketing campaigns.

Our highly successful campaign was almost entirely location based. We also devised a strategy whereby we targeted niche searches rather than low conversion and costly broad search terms.

We also monitored our competitors campaigns and reacted with paid search campaigns during their period of activity.

The Results:
Against fierce competition over a five-year period Northern Ireland Claims and Scottish Claims dominated positions 1, 2 and 3 both in organic searches and Paid Search generating around £30m in turnover for our client – returning an outstanding 30:1 return on their marketing spend.


“We first started working with David and his team at The Hub in the summer of 2011, when PPI first hit the headlines.  Five years on I am delighted to say we have been amazingly successful due in no small part The Hub played.

“I’m also extremely proud to say that we stuck to our principals and didn’t make one single outbound call, text or email – testament to the fact that our online campaign was so successful – we didn’t need any other medium to generate leads.”

Mark Smith, Head of Marketing