Launched in 2013, Superzoo has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading online comparison and aggregator websites.

Specialising in consumer goods, Superzoo has partnerships with most of UK’s leading brands some of which include Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Debenhams and B&Q and has over 10,000 unique daily visitors and growing.

What we did:
When Superzoo came to us they presented three challenges. Firstly develop a database that could integrate multiple feeds and aggregate prices in a fraction of a second.  Secondly ensure that the user experience was best in class.

Finally develop software that could predict bidding and cost control, which was linked to profitability metrics based on conversion rates and third party affiliate revenue models.

The Campaign:
A truly integrated SEO and PPC campaign was deployed targeting broad and narrow search terms including tracking on pre-click and post-clicks, impressions, reach, exposure, engagement, conversions, costs, transactions, and ROI across all online marketing channels.

The Results:
Right from the beginning the results we very encouraging. Within one month we were generating around 1,000 unique visitors-a-day, which has now increased to an impressive 50,000 unique monthly visitors.

Revenue also increased proportionally with a first year revenue of £640,00 returning an impressive 3:1 return on spend.

Building on our success Superzoo is now expanding its portfolio of services to Travel, Insurance, Money, Utilities and Phone and Broadband.

“We can’t thank the The Hub enough for their dedication, tenacity and quite frankly brilliance in taking Superzoo from an idea through to reality and beyond. I would recommend The Hub to anybody looking for more than just another agency.”

The Superzoo Team