Responsive Web Design

A responsive website is a single website site which re-sizes automatically depending on the format the site is being viewed on such a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Rapidy growing mobile usage

Mobile web browsing has been growing at an extraordinary rate and has now outpaced desktop browsing. This is huge opportunity for businesses as over 50 % of all online transactions are completed on mobile or personal device now such as a smartphone of a tablet.

With the number of users only set to rise further and the growth of ‘mCommerce’ outpacing traditional ecommerce the time to move to a Responsive website should be a number one priority.

Why would I need a Responsive website?

  1. Responsive websites cuts down on the time and cost of running a separate mobile site
  2. Responsive websites are preferred by search engines such as Google which eliminates non-responsive websites from their search results on mobile devices
  3. Responsive websites adapt their content depending on the device they are displayed on such as a desktop, tablet or smartphone

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